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Attending Skills Essay Example for Free

Going to Skills Essay Bolton, in his book People Skills (1979), portrays going to as giving the entirety of your physical consideration regarding someone else. The way toward joining in, regardless of whether you understand it or not, considerably affects the nature of correspondence that goes on between two individuals. For instance, by going to you are stating to the next individual I am intersted in what you need to state, in any case, an absence of good going to imparts that I truly dont care about what you need to state. The body can be utilized as an apparatus to encourage great correspondence. This is done through situating the pieces of the body so they welcome and hold a relational connection. A casual readiness communicated by body act appears to be most appropriate for cultivating great correspondence. Bolton offers these recommendations to build up a stance of involvment: * Lean toward the speaker. This will convey vitality and mindfulness. * Face the other squarly (I. e. , your privilege sholuder to the speakers left). This imparts your involvment. It is particularly significant for you to situate yourself so you are at eye level with the speaker in the event that you are viewed as a position figure. This will circumnavigate sentiments of danger and can enormously help in shaping a relational relationship. * Maintaining an open stance is additionally significant for encouraging relational relatedness. A shut stance (I. e. , crossed arms as well as legs) regularly imparts briskness and protectiveness. * You additionally should know about your closeness to the speaker. We as a whole have an idea of individual space. At the point when those limits are crossed it puts the other on edge and causes them to feel awkward. Nonetheless, to much separation imparts lack of approachability and disconectedness. Body movement, its a clever thing! Have you at any point focused on what your hands were doing over the span of a discussion? A few of us essentially push them in our pockets or let them hang erratically by our sides. At that point there are others, similar to me, who will in general excursion them around as though to put an accentuation on each word! There is such an incredible concept as excessively little and to an extreme. Body movement is acceptable yet it tends to be over done on the off chance that you are not cautious. The reason for signaling when you are listening is to urge the speaker to keep talking. This should most effectively be possible with an occasional head gesture. A decent audience moves their body in light of the speaker. Powerful eye to eye connection says that you are outwardly receptive to what the speaker is stating. Great eye to eye connection includes concentrating on the speakers face and periodically moving the concentration to different pieces of the body. The key is that the other knows that they have your consideration in light of the fact that your eyes are on them. Great eye to eye connection ought to appear to be normal to the next individual. What ever you do, dont gaze them down. This causes you to appear to be on edge and some of the time disparaging of them. Nature where the correspondence happens is additionally a significant factor in whether a relational relationship can be framed. It isn't generally posible to move the discussion into a private room or office, however every endeavor ought to be made to decrease the quantity of interruptions that are available. In his book, The Skilled Helper (1998), Gerad Egan offers what he has labled the Micro Skills of Attending. The are extremely near the infomation I have introduced above from Boltons People Skills. He has built up the accompanying abbreviation to help directing understudies remeber these crucial abilities in correspondence. The audience has a particular obligation over the span of correspondence. That is to avoid the speakers path and to attempt to follow where the individual in question is driving. The objective of listening isn't reacting however understanding what is attempting to be conveyed. An entryway opener is a noncoercive inivitation to talk. Now and again entryway openers are not necessay to get the show on the road, however might be required later in the discussion if the speaker wouldn't appear to like to proceed. Entryway openers dont must be verbal prompts, a decent audience can likewise utilize their body to impart the sign I am intrigued, you have my consideration, if you don't mind disclose to me more. The four components of an entryway opener, as talked about, by Bolton are; (1) A discription of different people non-verbal communication (I. e. , you dont appear as though you are feeling admirably today. ) (2) A challenge to talk (3) Silence (to give the other individual chance to choo se if they need to talk and what they are going to state. ) (4) Attending (this inclueds the entirety of the going to aptitudes that are discused on the going to abilities page. ) What on earth are negligible energizes? In the endeavor to tail it is significant not to turn into a nonparticipant in the discussion. Negligible urges alludes to the sum the audience speakes and the measure of bearing the audience provides for the discussion, which ought to be practically nothing. In some cases consolation is required however the speaker needs to stay in charge of the discussion. The equivalent is valid for addressing as is for empowering. The issue isn't addressing itself however the way that a great many people don't do it well. A great many people pose shut inquiries that just require explicit and short answers, for example, yes and no. Try to pose open inquiries that are intended to prod the discussion on when it stalls out. This implies addressing will be generally inconsistent. At long last, mindful quietness is one of the most significant components in following the audience. We live in a culture in which quietness isn't happy. We regularly inturpert it as a signal that we have to hop in and state something. Actually, quietness is an open door for the speaker to think about what the individual in question has said and to assemble their contemplations before their next statment. What we state isn't as significant as giving the speaker the time the person needs to obviously impart their point. A significant part of listening is to help the listner explain their correspondence with the goal that they can get their importance over. To rehearse intelligent listening is to fill in as a mirror for the individual talking. One way that the speaker can do this is through summarizing. A summarization is a conscise reaction to the speaker that repeats the embodiment of the correspondence in the audience members own words. The reword manages realities or thoughts and not the feelings. In this regard it centers the substance of the speakers message. Another part of reflecting is the reflecting back of the speakers feelings as they make their statments. It is critical to tune into the speakers feelings. In the event that we, as audience members, miss the inclination content we have missed a significant piece of the speakers response and experience. Reflecting sentiments likewise offer the speaker a chance to assess how the individual in question is reacting to a difficult circumstance. Not exclusively should the audience reflect feeling, the person likewise needs to reflect meaning. Content + feeling = meaning. Sounds straightforward, doesnt it? Be that as it may, on the off chance that you get the emotions wrong or the substance off-base, at that point you cannot comprehend the speaker. Reflecting importance alows you to be certain you are getting what the speaker is stating. Reflecting inclination and substance are the infant steps to reflecting significance. Which means articulation can utilize the essential empathic equation; you feel _______ in light of the fact that _________ , or some minor departure from this formla. Sooner or later the recipe will disaper and a characteristic empathic reacting style will create. At last, there is the idea of sumative reflections. This intelligent reaction is intended to recap the significant subjects of the discussion and comes after an all-encompassing time of the discussion. Over the span of the discussion bits of futile data can acrue. The sumation can serve to assist the speaker with sorting through the litter and to develop an increasingly complete and reduced conceptualization of the issue being examined.

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Why This University Essay Samples Will Help Your Writing Skills

Why This University Essay Samples Will Help Your Writing SkillsAre you wondering why this university essay samples will help your writing skills? If you are a college student, you will be shocked to find out that these samples can actually help you improve your grades and save time. Most students will complain about their lack of learning ability and say that they will just write in a standard way and never really learn how to write well. Well, that can not be further from the truth.A college student is so busy with all the work that he or she has to do that they don't have enough time to study. Hence, they end up not knowing how to write an essay properly. If you are a college student, you probably don't know what to do for writing, since you are not a very good writer yourself. I was also like this. I wrote so poorly that I didn't even get a C in a class.Needless to say, I was devastated and I blamed myself for having bad grades. Luckily, I knew a tutor at school who was able to co rrect my writing in a short amount of time. She taught me some tips on how to improve my writing and I am grateful for it.Some people think that writing is boring because it takes them so long to put their thoughts down on paper. However, the truth is that writing is actually the most enjoyable thing that you can do. Writing improves your confidence, helps you see the world in a different perspective, and can make you a more productive person.You can find a lot of tips for writing on the Internet and reading books written by professors, but you can also use university essay samples to write on. Since you already know how to write in your native language, then you can take these samples and apply them to your writing. You should always do this if you are trying to improve your writing skills.Another common mistake that people do is using too many words. You don't want to sound formal because that will make you look stupid, right? Students and college professors use too many words to form the essays, which makes it harder for them to understand. If you are a college student, then you should focus on creating simple sentences and paragraphs instead of using so many words.When I was a college student, I ended up wasting a lot of time just trying to figure out what I was supposed to write because I had so much difficulty in finding the right word to describe the subject matter. If you want to make it easier for yourself, then you should try using university essay samples.Once you start applying these tips to your writing, you will quickly notice how much better you will be at writing. This is the most important thing that you can learn, so make sure you practice it and implement it on a regular basis.

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Nestle Australia Is Food And Drink Products Supplier Marketing Essay

Settle Australia Is Food And Drink Products Supplier Marketing Essay 1-Introduction Propelled in 1867, Nestle Australia Ltd is a provider of nourishment and drink items. It additionally gives a wide scope of dairy milk items, noodles in numerous flavors, chocolate, solidified dinners and espressos. Moreover, it gives an assortment of cold and hot beverages, light frozen yogurts and an assortment of candy parlor and pastry shop things. These days, Nestle Australia offers cooking administrations to bistros, cafés, inns and clubs. Different items that we will put a spot-on in this report are yogurts, natural product yogurts, and enhanced milk and yogurts. Nestlã ©s brands incorporate Kit Kat, Nescafe, Nestea, Ortega and Crunch. Settle gives additionally pets nourishments, for example, Purina. The organization propelled a joint endeavor with General Mills in excess of 80 nations. (One Source, 2009) History Toward the start Henri Nestle has created milk for babies who can't drink and to take care of from their moms, following five years this item was sold far and wide as a nourishment for infants and elderly folks individuals. In 1906, Australian market turned into the second biggest market for Nestle and was served by numerous individuals of retailers and deals specialists. The best accomplishment in Australian market was in 1934 by the innovation of new item MILO. (Settle, 2009) Nowadays, this item is sold in excess of 30 nations with deals of the greater part Billion Australian dollar. In 1999, Nestlã ©s head office in Sydney turned into the headquarter for Oceania area which incorporates Australia, New Zealand and Pacific islands. Standards and Values In the entire existence of Nestle (135 years), Nestlã ©s fundamental way to deal with business was the establishment and the support of long haul esteems for customers, investors, workers, society and network in general. Nestlã ©s significant chief is to keep up a drawn out business improvement and advancement. (Settle, 2009). Settles significant qualities are the accompanying: Long haul improvement Long haul connections Reconciliation and responding with various societies The recognizable proof that clients procure data about the organization other than the item that they purchased Moral qualities are fundamental prerequisites for our representatives and senior line chiefs These qualities and standards have been converted into in excess of forty dialects around the globe, and it is must that all Nestles troughs ought to perceive and apply these qualities in their profession lives, and these qualities are given via preparing to the new workers. Settle Australia Settle additionally is taking an interest in the Oceanias people group which is distinguished by its blend and assorted variety of monetary conditions, societies, accepts and tastes. We turned into a crucial part in the network in which we initiate as a business and as a provider to the neighborhood. Plus, we were the pioneers in numerous issues, for example, individuals wellbeing and natural security. As the biggest nourishment and refreshment organization on the planet, we accept that we have an obligation to clients and we are paying attention to this duty. We accept that individuals should live in a sound style by doing sports, we are supporting numerous games and we are continually promising individuals to get dynamic. Furthermore, through our concurrence with the Australian Institute of Sport, we are improving kids to get their insight and to get nourishment. Statement of purpose At the point when you read Nestles statement of purpose the accompanying words hop to your brain: Research, great nourishment, wellbeing and health. Our items bring to buyers the best tastes and joys. Research is the perfect work of art of Nestles legacy and a significant component for our companys future. We despite everything realize that there is some baffling data about wellbeing and health had not been found at this point, is the explanation that we are as yet scanning for answers to bring Good Food for Good life. (Research. Settle, 2009). Settle Worldwide Today, with in excess of 480 manufacturing plants and 265,000 representatives in 87 nations in everywhere throughout the world: Americas, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Australasia, Nestle is considered as the biggest nourishment and Beverage Company everywhere throughout the world. Settle Oceania in Australia, New Zealand and the pacific island is recruiting in excess of 5,500 representatives, with in excess of 20 industrial facilities and four dispersion places possessed and oversaw by the organization. Due to Nestlã ©s global notoriety, and in spite of the intense economic situations in Australia as well as around the world, and due to Nestlã ©s advantageous spot in Sydney and because of the high qualified representatives and the splendid companys technique, Nestle father been positioned number one among all nourishment providers in Australian market in 2008 (Nielsen Report, 2008). In 2008, for Ice-cream, yogurt and espressos, Nestlã ©s deals volume was more than AU$200m for every class. 5% Employees Turnover Rate In excess of 6,000 Brands and 10,000 Products In excess of 480 Factories in 87 Countries Over than 265,000 Employees Yearly Sales more than 103 A$ billion World Leading Food and Beverage Company Settle Figure1, Nestle Worldwide. Source: Nestle, Australia, 2009. 2-Situation Analysis 2.1-Internal Analysis Settle Australia is thinking about the market chief in nourishment and refreshment division in Australian market with by and large deals more than , engaged with in excess of 20 ventures, for example, Chocolates, yoghurts, dessert, milk, dairy abandons espresso , candy parlor and solidified suppers. Settle Australia has propelled more than one hundred brands; Coffee Mate, Nescafe, Uncle Tobys, Nesquik, Maggi, Drumstick, Quality Street and Peters are just instances of Nestlã ©s marks in Australian market. Alluding to Nielsons 2008 report, Nestle was positioning high among its rivals in frozen yogurt, milk and yogurt fields which could be an excellent marker for propelling our new item that we will talk about later in our showcasing plan. Alluding to the Retail Australias 2009 basic food item magazine we will locate the accompanying: For Chilled Diary classification, Nestle esteem share was about 14.2% in 2008 contrasting by 16.8% for the earlier year. For Dairy Desserts Category, Nestle esteem share was 25.2% contrasting by 25.3% for the earlier year For Chilled Diary classification, Nestle esteem share was about 14.2% in 2008 contrasting by 16.8% for the earlier year. For Yogurt classification, Nestle esteem share was 11.8% in 2008 looking at by 15.8% for the year above. For Drinking Yogurt, Nestle isn't associated with this market yet, just the accompanying organizations are in this market : Yakult, Jalna , Bulla and some other little organizations. As a general pattern, we could understand some declination for Nestlã ©s volume pattern in certain enterprises and classes. This decline was a characteristic effect of the tremendous effect of the worldwide money related emergency as we will depict in the following section .Due to this emergency, clients may get a few items rather than Nestlã ©s ones or they may in any event, lessening their buys for certain things. 2.2-Macro Environmental Analysis (PEST Analysis) Financial Following quite a while of prosper and high monetary development, The Australian economy endured a ton in 2008, because of the enormous impacts of the financial worldwide money related emergency. Australians GDP is declined; a decrease in work opening and a high pace of swelling, every one of these pointers could prompt an expanding in nourishment and drinks costs See figures 2 3 for Australias GDP and Unemployment Rate in 2007, 2008 and Jun 2009. (Gross domestic product development arrived at 2.7% in Jun 2008 contrasting by 4.3% in Jun 2007) Figure2 Australias Unemployment Rate-Source: ABS, 2009 Figure3: Australias GDP Growth rate-Source: ABS, 2009 Social In spite of the absence of certainty for Australian shoppers, Australia gets one of the most idealistic nations, as in 2008, Australia was positioning as one of the most sure nations everywhere throughout the world with a list score 104, 20 focuses higher than the world normal.. (Nielsen, 2008). For the most part Retail development in 2008, 2009 remains moderate, and buyers turned out to be all the more cautiously with their cash, they go through more cash for feasting at-home like purchasing nourishments and beverages from grocery stores and they go through less cash for out of home exercises like bistros, café and remove shops. In spite of the way that markets increased a decent offer with this new clients reasoning, all out staple deals have been declined in 2008. (Nielsen, 2008). The all out retail deals development arrived at 5.9% in august 2008 contrasting by 7.5% for that month in 2007. Looking at by 2007, the organizations, for example, bistros cafés and takeaway Nourishments, had recorded the biggest drop in turnover of 6.4%. One desire for these general stores is Aldi. Clients wanted to go to Aldi because of the great costs notwithstanding the great quality there. Aldi, with share arriving at over 22% , had removed numerous dollars from enormous chain general stores. Governmental issues This part shows lawful and political circumstance in Australia. It incorporates: Taxation for crude materials purchased abroad, work laws, natural guidelines, political soundness and rivalry guidelines. . As I would like to think, no different legislative issues would influence the starting of our new item because of the at present stable politic circumstance that Australia is confronting now, for example there is no war, no unrest or even no decisions are influencing Australia as of now Innovative Other than the advancement and utilization of new innovation, for example, the RFID (The Radio Frequency Identification) , the expansion in cost of crude materials and other gracefully chain expenses could influence the starting of our new item. 2.3 Micro Analysis The Market On the off chance that we take a general view on basic food item showcase a year ago. Alluding to the 2008 Nielsen report we will understand these significant after things: - A general declining pattern in basic food item advertise, with deals development 5.9% looking at by 7.5% as we referenced previously, which is a typical results because of the new circumstance; purchasers taking up some slack - .Drinks and sweet shop are just the two parts that have accomplished an increa

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Job Satisfaction and Employee Motivation - 4960 Words

Content Introduction.........................................................................................2 *Literature Review.................................................................................*2 *Empirica*l case......................................................*................................*.*7* Google................................................................................................*.*.*.*7 *Discussion...........................................................................................*.*..9* *Conclusion Recommendation..........................................................*11†¦show more content†¦leadership, teams, performance management, managerial ethics, decision making and organisation change Steers, R.M Mowday, T.R Shapiro, D.L (2004) and this is the reason why this topic has attracted attentions from different authors and researchers in the past years. This has also led to the proposition of theories to support this managerial concept i.e. motivation. These theories are referred to as motivational theories. There are so many theories on motivation, each acting as a competitor to the other on attempt to best explain the nature of motivation. Within the vast number of theories, some are built on economic knowledge with a psychological understanding (Maslow, 1943) etc. Mullins, L.J suggests that all these theories are at least partially true and all help explain the behaviour of certain people at certain times but however, the search for a generalized theory on motivation at work appears to be in vain (Pg 414, 5th Ed). It is indeed because of the fact that there are no generalized or single solutions as to what motivates people or individual in organisation, that there are different theories on motivation. These theories are then divided into those concerned with identifying the needs toward which behaviour(s) is directed – content theory and those that are concerned with the dynamic, menta l processes that lead to individuals following certain goals rather than others –Show MoreRelated Job Satisfaction and Employee Motivation Essay930 Words   |  4 PagesJob Satisfaction and Employee Motivation Abstract The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how motivation is instilled in the workplace with co-workers and oneself. In addition, objects that make the job satisfying will be discussed. Body Motivation is something that can come and go in an instant. The workplace often can be a fun and enjoyable place, but other times it can be the pit of hell. Not only do most of us cope with stress, fatigue, mental and physical anguish, butRead MoreThe Relationship Between Employee Motivation, Job Satisfaction And Employee Achievement1481 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The purpose of this article is to explain the construct of job satisfaction and how job satisfaction can make failure on the performance of employees in an organization. This article will be modified to the positive and negative effects of Job satisfaction. Secondly, the essay review will discuss the relationship between employee motivation, job satisfaction and employee achievement. Organizational goal of high arrangement has also been reach of high level of achievement throughRead MoreWhat Implications Does Employee Motivation Have on Employee Job Satisfaction?1796 Words   |  8 PagesAbstract Employees are often examining and weighing motivations when determining their job satisfaction. These characteristics can be tangible items such as salary, environment or intangible items such as the personality of coworkers and supervisors, or status. This paper is an attempt to identify the impact of employee motivation on overall job satisfaction. A situation resulting in a decreased level of job satisfaction will be examined to identify key motivators employees consider when decidingRead MoreImpact of Organizational Structure and Culture on Job Satisfaction, Job Stress and Employee Motivation: a Survey of Existing Litreature15110 Words   |  61 PagesIMPACT OF ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE AND CULTURE ON JOB SATISFACTION, JOB STRESS AND EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION: A SURVEY OF EXISTING LITREATURE ABSTRACT Effectively managing human resources in the organizations is a big concern both for HR managers and the policy makers of the organization. To have a satisfied, motivated, less stressed performing workforce an organization must have consistency amongst its structure, system, people, culture and good fit with the strategy. In this paper an attempt has beenRead MoreEmployee Satisfaction Variables Essay1339 Words   |  6 PagesEmployee Satisfaction Variables Employee Satisfaction: Employee satisfaction is considered to be a key indicator of productivity and customer satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is a key to the success of the organization. The Companys ability to fulfill the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of its employees is employee satisfaction. Satisfaction: Satisfaction is the psychological state that indicates how a person feels about his or her situation, based on an evaluation ofRead MoreDefinition Of Employee Job Satisfaction Essay1400 Words   |  6 Pagesdefinition of employee job satisfaction in different approaches; and there are many studies varied in the defining the term job satisfaction. The people who work in the organizations and people who study in this area both are interested to study of Job satisfaction. The terms Job Satisfaction refers â€Å"an individual’s general attitude toward one job’s† [Stephenson P. Robbins, 2005] Job satisfaction is psychological aspects that deals with individual feelings about to his or her jobs [Spector 1997]Read MorePlan for Positive Influence Ldr/5311243 Words   |  5 Pagesmechanisms to increase employee motivation, job satisfaction and performance as means to achieving set objectives. This plan clearly defines differences in attitude, personalities, emotions and values will be examined to create a behavioral plan that would increase motivation, satisfaction, and performance within an organization. Motivation, job satisfaction and performance are driven by: the employer and employees. Employers control the output provided to the employees and the employee bring morels,Read MoreLeadership Styles Have On Minority Graduates1306 Words   |  6 Pages Abstract The role of leadership is extremely vital in creating a motivated and satisfied workforce. In many cases motivation and job satisfaction are linked to salary and benefits but this paper will explore the direct relationships, both positive and negative, that different leadership styles have on minority graduates entering the workforce. The data for this research was collected from students enrolled at Savannah State University and taking business school courses. Transformational LeadershipRead More Tough economic times: The impact on employee motivation and morale1650 Words   |  7 Pagesthis project is to uncover factors responsible for causing a 36% decrease in employee satisfaction for the department of EHS over a 5-year period (2005-2010) reported in EHS’s 2010 employee satisfaction survey (EHS, 2005; EHS, 2010). With over 64,000 full-time employees making up the State of Colorado’s workforce it is imperative to determine how best to improve employee satisfaction and morale as these directly affect job performance and workplace safety (Barling, Kelloway, Iverson, 2003; STARRead MoreMotivation : Motivation And Motivation Essay1070 Words   |  5 Pages4) Motivation Motivation is an important concept in modern psychology. It is not possible to understand, explain or predict human behavior without some knowledge of motivation. Motivation is the effective methods that relate to an individual s intensity, route and determination of effort towards the achievement of goals. Motivation is the process of producing and maintaining goal-directed behavior. Motivation is a psychological process through which unsatisfied wants or needs leads to drives

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Essay on The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana - 1475 Words

The war on drugs is a movement of prohibition and military aid being undertaken by the United States government intended to both define and reduce the illegal drug trade (Bullington). In the year 2010 the U.S. government spent $15 billion on the war on drugs, at a rate of $500 per second. State and local governments spent another $25 billion as well. In 2007, $42 billion was spent on the marijuana prohibition. That is more money than the war on drugs spent on all types of drugs three years before (Hardy). Why is our government focusing on a drug that can be called merely harmless to those who use it? Why is this drug getting more money spent on it than drugs that are highly addictive and life threatening? Marijuana is not as dangerous as†¦show more content†¦Several areas of the brain have high densities of these receptors, which helps explain the different effects of the drug† (Mathews). Physical effects include red eyes, dry mouth, increased heart rate, and loss of coordination. Beneficial effects for medical conditions such as cancer, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis include relief from pain and nausea, increased appetite, and reduced muscle spasms. Psychological effects, which are not apparent in ever user, may entail hallucinations, impaired judgment, and mood swings. One frightening effect is that marijuana has been linked to short-term memory loss, and although this drug does not cause physical addiction a psychological dependence can come about (Gale). Also, studies have shown that long-term effects of using marijuana include: increased rates of anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. Chronic use could also be a marker for other mental health issues (NIDA). Now that you know the basic facts of marijuana lets dive into some of the benefits and not so terrific effects of legalizing marijuana. Legalizing marijuana has both pros and cons, but which position should you take on this issue? You have the freedom to choose whatever position you would like to take, but before you do that listen to both sides of this argument first. So, why should one choose to be for legalizing marijuana? Well, there are plenty of reasons to support this position like the fact that this drug is considered notShow MoreRelatedThe Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana1631 Words   |  6 PagesMarijuana is a naturally grown plant that has beneficial properties and the ability to create textiles, paper products, and other goods. Marijuana is currently illegal in many states in the United States. The legalization of Marijuana will produce enormous tax revenue, reduce crime, give us a renewable resource, and give sick and suffering patients a new effective medicine. The legalization of Marijuana in the United States would both benefit the well-being of its citizens as well the economy. TheRead MoreThe Economic Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana1068 Words   |  5 PagesThe Economic Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana In 2007, the American economy took a downturn known as the recession. People began looking for a quick fix to our nation’s economic problems and one fix may be right in front of us, with the legalization of marijuana. The debate about legalizing marijuana has been going on for the last decade with no end in sight. Politicians, economists, and everyday people cannot come to an agreement over this growing issue. Today economists still converse overRead MoreBenefits of Legalizing Marijuana Essay1374 Words   |  6 PagesBenefits of Legalizing Marijuana Every year, 400,000 Americans die of complications caused by tobacco products. Smoking kills more Americans each year than alcohol, crack, heroin, murder, suicide, car accidents, fires, and AIDS all put together. Every week, eight children under the age of eighteen die from alcohol related crashes. Alcohol abuse contributes to almost 50% of all traffic accidents, suicides, and homicides. However, despite the proven dangers of these socially acceptable drugsRead MoreEssay on The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana1006 Words   |  5 PagesThe Topic of Legalizing Marijuana has been a very conversational argumentative issue in the American society; moreover in the American politics today. There are many good arguments on why Marijuana should be Legalize and my argument is based on facts and supporting details to prove why Marijuana should be legalize. The Legalization of Marijuana would be profitable to our government and economy, according to Evan Wood who is the founder of the Inte rnational Centre for Science in Drug Policy; The URead MoreThe Potential Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana Essay1152 Words   |  5 Pages Legalizing marijuana is a concept that can potentially benefit the public as well as the local economies. There has been a nationwide debate on whether marijuana should be legalized or not. The major consensus is that marijuana is not only bad for one’s health, but it is also dangerous to the community. These allegations are not true. Marijuana actually has health benefits that most people overlook. It is important to understand the many issues of legalizing marijuana in order to better understandRead MoreEssay about The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana1144 Words   |  5 Pages  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Marijuana use is on the rise, especially among teenagers and young adults. With the recent laws passed in eight states, legalizing medical marijuana many stand divided when it comes to this never ending debate, but I firmly believe that this miracle working drug should be legalized throughout the United States. Marijuana is by far the most commonly used illegal drug. Statistics show that over 70 million Americans have tried Marijuana and more that 20 million smoked it last year. So it isRead MoreEssay about The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana1494 Words   |  6 PagesLegalization of Marijuana Despite late controversy regarding weed or as most professionals call it now medical marijuana, I have a strong opinion regarding given substance. I think marijuana should be legal but Im going to discuss this matter more in my essay. Some topics I would like to discuss would be: should it be legal, is it beneficial for medical purposes, economy, job growth and reducing crime rates. Background Industrial Hemp Plant(â€Å"Hemp, Industrial Hemp field†) For most of humanRead MoreBenefits Of Legalizing Medical Marijuana1076 Words   |  5 Pagesof life incorporated cannabis of some form. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug made from the cannabis plant. It is sometimes used as a recreational drug by a few individuals, medical ailments and for spiritual purposes as well. The key element in marijuana is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This psychoactive component is found in the leaves of the plant (Ethan B Russo, 2013). This essay will demonstrates the advantages of legalising medical marijuana such as treatment for pain relief, nauseaRead MoreEssay about Benefits and Drawbacks of Legalizing Marijuana1177 Words   |  5 Pageswith harder drugs as cocaine and heroin, marijuana, also named as cannabis or hemp, is considered as a soft drug with less addiction and harm. In the 19th century, it was one of the most important crops in the American continent to the common wealth (Newton, 2013, p.32), but it has been banned to grow in mos t countries since the 20th century (Newton, 2013, p.45). Given the clamour for â€Å"decriminalization† of the personal possession of small amounts of marijuana is growing (Single, 2013, p.456) and theRead More The Economic, Medical and Industrial Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana1710 Words   |  7 PagesThe Economic, Medical and Industrial Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana is the dried flower clusters and leaves of the hemp plant when taken to induce euphoria. Marijuana has been in existence for centuries even Magellan spoke of it during his trip to India. In his log he spoke of a plant that you smoked that made a man drunk without drinking. Marijuana would be beneficial if legalized because it would bring in extra money, it has medical uses, hemp is one of the best materials in the

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Blakes cry for a voice Essay - 2035 Words

Blake’s cry for a voice nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;William Blake had a vision. It was a thought that changed the way poetry and writing would be viewed from here to eternity. Blake’s point of views and associations with the characters represents a change in the way the reader dictates who the victim is really and who is not. In Blake’s â€Å"The Chimney Sweeper† from the Songs of Innocence and Experience, both aspects of heaven and hell can be examined just the same as a good versus evil aspect of the two different styles of the poem. One poem, two totally different views on manners, morals, customs, and what is right and wrong. To understand what William Blake was thinking and trying to say the reader†¦show more content†¦Highly critical poems on rationality, normality and societal parameters are not uncommon and a trademark of Blake’s later, far more bitter poetry. As a social commentator, a number of issues relevant at the time were the inspiration behind gloomy works such as â€Å"The Chimney Sweeper† regarding industrialization and, from the Songs of Experience. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Blake was society’s unwillingness to accept and recognize new ideas and opportunities for change. Stating at one point that these reservations were â€Å"an enemy to social progression†. To be condemned in a society that is much Blake’s as well as anyone else’s is a torment that would be felt on all of his art. â€Å"The Chimney Sweeper† from William Blake’s Songs of Innocence comprises â€Å"songs of happy cheer† about field and flower, hill and stream, and the innocence of child and lamb, as seen through the eyes of a child (World Book vol.2 pg 314). In one excerpt, â€Å"The Chimney Sweeper,† Blake, through religious symbolism, gives the image of an innocence child living a life of hardship and grief that gains comfort from the knowledge that God will deliver him to a better life in heaven. The image of this child â€Å"who cried when his head, that curled like a lamb’s back, was shaved† gives the impression of the sacrificial lamb, sacrificed into a life of hardship, poverty, and early death. The child dreams of an â€Å"AngelShow MoreRelated How Does William Blake convey his anger in the poem London ?1482 Words   |  6 PagesHow Does William Blake convey his anger in the poem London ? The poem London by William Blake, relfects his feelings upon the society that he was living in , and how despreratly it needed help. Blake thought that all of the poverty and misfortune that was happening on the streets were caused by the political opression in London. Blake was angered by what he saw in his homeland as other countries started fighting for their indipendence and equality whilst his country stayed dormant, eventhoughRead More The Songs of Experience - Explication of London Essay1043 Words   |  5 Pagesnbsp; William Blake published, in 1794, a collection of poems entitled The Songs of Experience. This collection works in collaboration with an earlier collection of the authors poems called The Songs of Innocence. The works of 1794 bring to the reader a more realistic or even pessimistic view of the authors native England, in comparison to the poems in The Songs of Innocence. One of the works in the more realistic collection is simply titled London. In this work Blake gives a conciseRead More Oppression and Spiritual Deterioration in William Blakes Poem London1154 Words   |  5 Pageseach charterd street, 1 Near where the charterd Thames does flow, 2 And mark in every face I meet, 3 Marks of weakness, marks of woe. 4 In every cry of every Man, 5 In every Infants cry of fear, 6 In every voice, in every ban, 7 The mind-forgd manacles I hear: 8 How the Chimney-sweepers cry 9 Every blackning Church appalls, 10 And the hapless Soldiers sigh, 11 Runs the blood down Palace walls. 12 But most thro midnight streets I hearRead MoreThe Portrayal of Industrialization in London by William Blake526 Words   |  3 Pages In â€Å"London† by William Blake the grunge, and domineering nature of a city engaged in a transformation of industry, is articulated through the setting. London of the poem, and the 1700s and 1800s, was griped by a sense of overwhelming entrapment in the mechanical comings and goings of industry. This massive shift is expressed through the stark nature of the setting, and the speaker’s awareness of a sense of confinement, and malaise in the face of great progress. Blake’s choices in the portrayalRead More Comparing William Blakes The Tyger and The Lamb Essay1246 Words   |  5 PagesComparing William Blakes â€Å"The Tyger† and â€Å"The Lamb† William Blake is referred to as many things, including poet, engraver, painter and mystic, but he is probably most famous for his poetry. Blake began writing the poems below in about 1790 whilst living in Lambeth, London. His poetry has a wide range of styles but his most famous poems are those from â€Å"Songs of Innocence† and Song of Experience†. The two sets of poems are designed to show different states or ways of seeing. They are BlakesRead MorePoetry Of Songs Of Innocence And The Little Black Boy Essay977 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"London†, â€Å"Holy Thursday†, â€Å"The Lamb†, â€Å"The Tyger†, â€Å"The Nurse’s Song†, and â€Å"The Little Black Boy† are all written by William Blake. His two main collection of his poetry are Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. â€Å"The Lamb†, â€Å"The Nurse’s Song†, and â€Å"The Little Black Boy† belong to the collection of Song of Innocence because of the theme of happiness. â€Å"The Tyger†, â€Å"London†, and â€Å"Holy Thursday† belong to the collection of Songs of Experience because of the theme of darkness. The collectionRead MoreA Comparison Between William Wordsworths Upon Westminster Bridge and William Blakes London1006 Words   |  5 PagesThese poets were William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron, Percy Shelly and John Keats. Some aspects of Romantic poetry were; there was an increasing interest in nature; there was an increased interest in landscape and scenery; human moods were connected to the moods of nature. Although the six poets cohered to create the English Romantic movement they were all extremely different with different styles. Blake is described as an artistRead More William Blakes The Chimney Sweeper Essay672 Words   |  3 Pagesmeager existence that was socially acceptable at the time. Blake voices the evils of this acceptance through point of view, symbolism, and his startling irony.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Blake expresses his poem in first person, as a young chimney sweeper. This gives his poetic voice creditability because the subject of the poem is chimney sweepers. In addition, using first person creates a deeper sense of sympathy in the reader. This young boy, the poetic voice, lost his mother while â€Å"[he] was very young; (554). SoonRead MoreAnalysis Of William Blake s London1186 Words   |  5 Pagesexposing the oppression of the common people by a dominating government and elite class. Blake notices the inequalities of London and he describes the people he sees as sad, suffering, and stagnated by their environment. Blake uses strong imagery, repetition, and metaphor to present the archetype of the individual in juxtaposition to institution which seems to be the source of londoner’s oppression. Blake writes about what he saw and how he saw it within this poem. He presents a negative view ofRead More London, An Analysis Essay868 Words   |  4 Pages William Blake makes a pointed critique of the society and institutions of the English Government in his poem, London. Throughout the poem Blake presents an image of man against society. He directly accuses several institutions and society itself of creating the tyranny that is controlling the people of London. He alludes to the struggle of the classes, the upper-class controlling the lower, as being the reason for the problems in London. This conflict of classes is the reason for the oppression

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The Absence of a Father free essay sample

Today, in America one out of every three children is living in a home without his or her father. That means that one out of three children in America will go to bed tonight without getting a goodnight hug and kiss from there daddy. It is estimated that 60 percent of children that were born in the 1990s will live a portion of their childhoods in a home without a father figure. Some people believe that there is no real significances to having a father be present in a child’s life. However, research and personal experience shows differently. When a father is absent in a child’s life, the child suffers emotionally, and behaviorally. Kids that grow up without a father figure are more likely to get involved with drugs, sexual encounters, and crime. It is important to stress that the absence of any parent places a void and a hole in a childs life forever. We will write a custom essay sample on The Absence of a Father or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page As young children, the fact that there is not a father figure may be overlook, but as they grow older they will began to sense the fragmented family relationship. Most often children will be able to feel the incompleteness of not having a father, which in an effort to fill the emptiness, children often try to fill this void with drugs. The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services states, Fatherless children are at a dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse. When a child uses drugs to fill the emptiness, it can be the start of a spiral to the tragedy of a horrible childhood. Although some children do not get involved with drugs, in order to fill the void of emptiness a child may do other harmful activities such as joining gangs or even attempting suicide. I have came to find it very clear that children growing up without a father figure tend to have an overall increased risk of developing significant issues. However, by no means am I saying that all children who grow up without fathers will face problems. Some children will do just fine. But, research has shown that fatherless children face more life troubles than those who grow up with both a mom and a dad. One very common obstacle that especially young females without father run into is teen pregnancy and not understanding safe sex. Major studies have been shown that young females between the ages of 15 and 19 years old are significantly more likely to engage in premarital sex than young females in homes with both a mother and a father. Not only have studies shown that young females are having sex, but a fair amount are getting pregnant. On the other hand, in some people opinion there is not thing wrong with having premarital sex, but studies have shown that by not having a father figure a higher percentage of both girls and boys do not know the importance of safe sex. Most single mothers are very busy working and do not have the time to sit down with their son and or daughter and have the â€Å"sex talk† with them. Therefor kids are not getting the right amount of education about safe sex, which is resulting in more teen pregnancy. Along with studies showing that fatherless children are more likely to get involved with drugs and unsafe sex, statistics show that children without a father are 20 times more likely to commit crime and even serve time in jail. In my opinion the reason for this is simple. A father is supposed to be a man in a child’s life that they look up to, but also fear at the same time. For example if a child was watching TV and was asked to take out they trash by their mother the child’s response would most likely be â€Å"ugh okay fine mom I’ll do it on the commercial†. Now if a child was asked the same thing by their father, the response would most likely sound more like â€Å"okay, yes dad I’m coming right now! †. In a household with both parental units present the father, 90 percent of the time is the dominant one who keeps thing in order and he is always to be listened to. When father is absent from a child’s life most of the time there is no control and the child seems to think that they may do anything they would like, therefore leading them right down a path of crime. Ultimately when a father is absent in a child’s life, the child suffers emotionally, and behaviorally. Kids that grow up without a father figure are more likely to get involved with drugs, sexual encounters, and crime. It is not the case that all fatherless children will have these problems. However, It is important to stress that the absence of any parent places a void and a hole in a childs life forever.